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What does it mean to be adjusted?

If you look up the definition of the word “adjustment”, you will find something like this, “The act of adjusting. To bring into proper relationship.” And that is exactly what Chiropractors do. They adjust the subluxation in order to bring it into proper relationship with the rest of the spine. “Adjustment” is a Chiropractic word. Chiropractors adjust.

In Chiropractic today, there are dozens of different techniques used to adjust subluxations. Some techniques analyze and adjust the full spine while others concentrate on particular regions of the spine. Some techniques use soft touch while contacting very specific points on the spine, while others use small high velocity low amplitude thrusts. Chiropractic means literally “done by hand” and most techniques utilize only the hands to adjust. However, many techniques also use instruments to reduce subluxations. Not all techniques work for all patients but all techniques work. So it really doesn’t matter what technique your Chiropractor uses, as long as it is used to detect and adjust subluxations, and that it works for you.