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So what does it mean to be adjusted? Often times we hear about the word manipulation in the medicine in regards to moving and realigning the spinal bones back into its proper position. A manipulation has a negative context which I prefer not to use in the office. However, when we bill health insurance out for reimbursement through insurance companies such as Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross (Blue Cross Blue Shield), First Choice Health Networks, Group Health, Personal Injury insurances such as Geico, Allstate, Farmers Insurance, State Farm, Amica, Pemco, Nationwide, USAA or just regular workers compensation such as Labor & Industries, they enter in the data using the word and code for spinal manipulation. Our office we like to use the word spinal adjustment or just simply adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment is much more of a powerful term unlike manipulation as chiropractic manipulation can be used negatively in the sense that it is forcing or pushing a bone into a place it does not belong. A spinal adjustment however refers to moving it back into the position it is innately supposed to be.

We definitely do not like to use the word “crack”, “pop” or “snapping” of joints back into its position this would entail such aggressive maneuvers of the spinal bones. At Zannetti Chiropractic  center we instead prefer to use gentle spinal adjustments that make the bones of the spine move into its proper alignment with ease and without any pain. We try to minimize pain and discomfort and tension as much as possible. We use specific technology that is advanced to allow gentle spinal adjustments so that the patient may ultimately feel better and reduce pain from all sorts of injuries.

Often times our patients say that we are very gentle in our approach to chiropractic care and minimize sensation of pain. They have been to other chiropractic offices in the Cleveland area and prefer to use our office as a more gentle approach to chiropractic care.