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We really cannot avoid the issue. Just as we know walking is a great way to stay healthy, we also know excessive sitting can be a hazard.

But workplace demands, age or injury limitations, and leisure temptations, all conspire to keep us sitting as we drive, lounge on the couch, or park ourselves in front of workplace computers, sporting events, slot machines, and television screens.

What to Do

Stopping by your local chiropractor, Zannetti Chiropractic might be a good way to tackle the issue. The licensed professionals are well equipped to provide good preventive tips and hands-on assistance.

Starting with workplace ergonomics, and moving on to posture traps and tips, your chiropractor can help you evaluate your daily schedule and see how you could improve the sitting picture.

In your first visit you will learn about spinal health. Your chiropractor believes keeping your spine aligned may help to keep your health aligned too. 

Your chiropractor will review your medical history, and complete a spinal adjustment to correct any misalignments in the spine. When the misalignment is corrected it may have far-reaching effects on any pain that you have in the neck, back, joints or sciatica.  Many patients also report an overall, more relaxed feeling, greater mental clarity, better digestion and metabolism.

Improved Sitting

As you work on your sitting, you may want to use easy exercises like this one that asks you to sit and stand. Use it at home on the couch, when you travel, or in the office to tone the bottom, legs and abdomen.

  • Line up your feet with your hips as you sit. Put hands on thighs.
  • Tighten muscles in buttocks and abdomen. Exhale as you slowly stand.
  • Inhale and slowly sit down. Repeat 10 times.

I have watched a whole group of friends, relatives and co-workers fight the problems of sitting, using their chiropractors as very helpful health and wellness coaches. Some built into their schedules time breaks in which no sitting was allowed. Others went to standing computer setups. Still, others at home started upping their walking and playtime with their kids to break out of the sitting routine.

If you would to pursue similar efforts, stop by Zannetti Chiropractic. Zannetti Chiropractict has simplified everything, eliminating the need for insurance by providing a private, affordable pricing plan. Extended weekend and evening hours are available and no appointments are needed.