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Autumn is upon us. The tasks of cleaning up leaves and getting the yard and garden ready for the winter is on the ‘To-Do’ list of many homeowners.

Please proceed with caution though, raking leaves and other jobs in and around the house can take their toll. Zannetti Chiropractic treats many patients who injure themselves at this time of year. Zannetti Chiropractic has a few suggestions before you start:
 Pace Yourself – Don’t take on too much too soon. Start with the small jobs and work yourself up to more labour-intensive jobs.
 Spend Some Time Preparing – some gentle stretching exercises before, during and after vigorous work activity are recommended.
 Alternate Your Position – Avoid remaining bent or stooped over for long periods of time. Your back is not used to being in this position, and it won’t be afraid to tell you so!
 Dress Appropriately – Wear the ideal clothing for the climate. Try not to overdress or underdress for the weather. Consider layering.
 Use Tools to Your Advantage – Long-handled tools to saves you from bending. Pushing or pulling while being bent over can put unnecessary strain on the shoulders and back.
 Let Your Legs Do the Work – When shovelling or lifting, use your legs for leverage and to take the strain, NOT your back.
 Switch It Up – Change which hand you’re using often whilst hoeing, raking, and/or shovelling. Distributing the load helps rather than evenly putting all the effort on one side of the body.
 Rest, Ice, Repeat – If joint or muscle soreness occurs, try resting and apply an ice pack for 15-20 minutes every hour.
 When in Doubt See Dr Zannetti – For acute injuries or severe pain in the spine, call Dr Zannetti to make an appointment. There is no need to be one of those people who suffers needlessly by telling themselves the pain will get better on its own.
If you are experiencing back pain or want to know what you can do to prevent injuries caused by yard work, contact Zannetti Chiropractic