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Healing Work-Related-Lifting Injuries with Chiropractic

Back injury problems due to improper lifting techniques are all too common, especially work related lifting injuries.  According to FamilyDoctor.org, the proper way to lift a heavy item is to get as close as possible to the item and use your legs and arms to lift, bending your legs and keeping the back straight as you lift up.  The heavy load should be held at chest-level to avoid straining your back muscles.

Of course, these tips may be a little too late if you have improperly lifted a heavy item and have caused work related lifting injuries. Sometimes people who lift weights for exercise also hurt their shoulders, knees or cause a herniated disk, stretched ligament or sprain in the back, but work related lifting injuries are most common.  These injuries are often seen in jobs that require physical labor such as bending, lifting, moving and carrying heavy items.

Symptoms of Lifting Injuries

If you injure your back or another area of your body through lifting something heavy, you will probably know it right away.  You may feel pain, stiffness or muscle spasms immediately and continued symptoms that might continue for several days or for several weeks. For work related lifting injuries, this may mean that you will be unable to perform your typical job duties and may need to file for workmen’s compensation as a result.  Ask your manager or human resources representative for more information.

Traditional Treatment for Lifting Injuries

A doctor can generally diagnose injuries caused by lifting and may use additional diagnostic tools such as an MRI or an x-ray if a herniated disc is suspected.

In addition, a doctor may prescribe short-term bed rest and anti-inflammatory pain medicine such as ibuprofen to help manage pain. Ice packs may also reduce swelling and pain.  You may be prohibited from working or lifting items for a certain amount of time if the issue is caused by work related lifting injuries.

Healing Lifting Injuries Through Chiropractic Treatments

While traditional treatment methods may help improve the symptoms of a lifting injury, a our team of skilled chiropractor can help treat the issue and re-align the bones, joints and muscles to shorten the severity of the symptoms and improve the condition of the spine, joints and muscles.  This is called spinal manipulation and adjustment.

In addition, hydrotherapy like  heat and ice treatments,  help reduce pain and swelling and using Active Release Therapy to get tight, tense muscles to relax and release.  This can reduce muscle spasms and pain.

Massage therapy is often quite useful in conjunction with chiropractic treatment when it comes to lifting injuries, which is why finding the right chiropractic and massage clinic is essential if you have suffered an injury.

Licensed and trained massage therapists at Zannetti Chiropractic use several different massage techniques, such as Deep Tissue, Medical and Swedish Massage to help release sore muscles, relieve scar tissue that builds up on injured muscles and help relieve some of the swelling and pain associated with work related lifting injuries.  When combined with chiropractic care, many patients experience a significant improvement.



When you have work related lifting injuries, do not delay.  Waiting for treatment may cause further damage and pain. Zannetti Chiropractic in Lyndhurst and Orwell Ohio accepts many insurance plans check here to see if yours is covered.   Also workmen’s compensation plans from the Department of Labor and Industry is accepted.  If you have experienced work related lifting injuries, ask your manager for information about your  insurance and billing.

Call 440-442-6969 to discuss your insurance, workmen’s compensation plan and any billing questions about work related lifting injuries with Zannetti Chiropractic.

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