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In today’s fast paced environment, sleep is becoming less and less prioritized when compared to work deadlines, waking up early to workout, or staying up late to socialize. This can take a major toll on the body, creating additional stress and ultimately altering moods. Here are a few tips for a better night’s sleep:

*Avoid working out within 2-3hrs of you scheduled nod time. Regular exercise is also considered beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

*Drink water! Especially if you consume caffeinated beverages throughout the day, try to match every caffeine drink with the equal amount of ounces in water to keep your system flushed and hydrated.

*Make sure that the temperature of your room is set at a cool (but still comfortable!) temperature. This will help your body to initiate the drop in core temperature that warrants slumber.

And did you know chiropractic can help you sleep better? Before you turn to drugs, make sure you ask your local chiropractor how they can help you sleep and relieve possible subluxations (nerve interferences) that may be altering your sleeping patterns. We’re here to help! At Zannetti Chiropractic we are prepared to answer all of your questions about proper sleep habits and can help alter your daily living habits in order to reach your best sleep.