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As a Chiropractor in Cleveland, I often hear the statement “Once I start chiropractic care, do I need to keep coming?” Whenever I get this question, I always have a difficult time understanding why patients don’t understand what we do as a chiropractor. Often times it is the definition of chiropractic that is misinterpreted and therefore needs explanation.


When asked this very important question by the patient, I end up asking a question for them. The question I then ask is, “What does chiropractic mean to you and what is it that you are looking for in chiropractic? Once I determine what the patient’s goals are, I then answer back with two scenarios for the patient. The first scenario or answer to the patient is, “If you are looking for chiropractic to help solve your symptoms and only your symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines etc. then you just need to do chiropractic for that time it takes for you to be relieved of your neck pain or back pain. The next answer or scenario is, “If you are looking to live a healthier and more vital life then you should continue to seek chiropractic as a means of staying healthy and preventing disease.” The last example is what we recommend to all patients.


You see, chiropractic is very much like any other healthy habit. If A patient was to ask me, “Do I need to eat vegetables for the rest of my life or do I just have to eat it now in order for me to get healthier for the time being”, I would look at them and ask them, “What is it that they are looking for when they want to get healthy.” Chiropractic is a healthy means of removing stress upon your nervous system. It is a way to live a healthier and happier life! Chiropractic takes care of your spine and nervous system and those two systems of the body are the most important systems of the body.

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