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An Overview of Sciatica

A common problem for people with hearniated or bulging discs, sciatica is identified by pain that stems from compressed sciatic nerves. The pain usually starts in the lower back and travels down to one or both legs. The pain may vary in terms of frequency, severity, or it may be constant. The sciatic nerve travels through the lower back, hips and buttocks. When a herniated disc compresses the sciatic nerve, it causes the nerve to swell and pain arises in the lower body. Zannetti Chiropractic has seen the pain inflicted by sciatica on many patients. The Chiropractic care he administers is a preventative and control tool for sciatica pain.

Sciatica Symptoms

When the sciatic nerve is compressed due to herniated or bulging disc, it leads to painful symptoms such as:


  • Pain concentrated on only one side of your lower body
  • Sharp shooting pain along the sciatic nerve
  • Numbness in your legs
  • Dull aches
  • Pain when standing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attack symptoms


Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Dr. Zannetti often treats people with sciatica. Chiropractic adjustments will aim to re-align the spine and take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve for pain relief. Once the pressure is off, the body can begin to heal itself from within. Dr. Zannetti will tailor a Chiropractic care plan to suit your needs for long-lasting results. Our goal is to improve our patient’s health from the inside out.

Drug-Free Pain Relief- Pain relief drug medications can be extremely addictive. Chiropractic care offers relief from pain without th eneed for any addictive drugs or medications and heals the body from within and not just masking the pain.

Reduces Inflammation- Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system and helps the body release anti-inflammatory substance, which reduces inflammation and alleviates pain.

Restores Range of Motion- Chiropractic adjustments can help mobilize your spine and restore range of motion. Dr. Zannetti has the training and decades of experience to provide you with the highest level of chiropractic care to help you avoid long-term pain and promote natural healing.